• Let's Swing Into 2nd Grade!

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    Name: Michelle Drew
    Email Address: michelle_drew@allenisd.org

    Welcome Drew All-Stars!
    Athlete participating in long jump Let's jump into a little about my teaching background and beliefs.
    I graduated at the University of North Texas with a degree in general and special education. I have taught second and third grade, as well as resource where I focused on teaching children with learning disabilities. I began my teaching career in Richardson ISD. I taught there until my husband and I decided to start our family. I have three wonderful children. Nathan is going to be an 11th grader this year. Rachel and Sarah are going to be 10th graders. After staying at home with my children, I returned to teaching. This is my tenth year at Boon and I am happy to be part of our Boon family!
    As a mother of three, I want each of my children to love going to school. I want them to learn in a positive and warm environment where they can shine. I want their teachers to know their strengths and areas of growth. I want their learning to be hands-on, fun, and challenging.
    As a teacher, I will provide this environment for your child. I will focus on each child's learning style, talents, and strengths. I will focus on hands-on activities and differentiating instruction while providing each student with praise and positive feedback. I believe in challenging all students and helping them reach their highest potential. I look forward to meeting your All Star!

    Track runners awaiting race startGet ready to sprint into a successful year!

    Michelle Drew