Bus Routes

    Enter your address in the website below to find your bus route.


    Lowery Traffic Flow

     1. Student Drop-off/Pick-up on East side of the New Lowery building.

     2. Buses only on the West side of the New Lowery building. (Closed to thru traffic 7:15-9:15a, 3:00-4:15p)

     3. Visitor and Substitute Parking on South end of Lowery. (Closed to thru traffic 7:15-9:15a, 3:00-4:15p)

     4. Right turn only (onto Main Street) leaving East Parking lot in the South End.

    Lowery Traffic Map



    Late Bus Shuttle

    Lowery will have three late buses that leave approximately at 4:15 pm from the North end of Lowery.  The Late Bus Shuttle will be available on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday (No late shuttle on Wednesday or Friday). 

    If you live:

    East of 75 and North of McDermott Dr. - - Bus #126

    East of 75 and South of McDermott  Dr.- - Bus #104

    West Side of Highway 75 - - - - - - - - -Bus #109

    Students MUST have a Late Bus Pass from the tutoring teacher. 

    Morning Bus Shuttle to AHS

    If you are a student that cannot attend afternoon tutoring AND have a 1st period class at Allen High School, we now have a bus available to take you from Lowery to AHS at 8:00am.  If you are at morning tutoring at Lowery, you may take Bus #104 to AHS.  It leaves at 8:00 am from the North doors of Lowery.

    Shuttle Information for Freshmen traveling to Allen High School for a class

    If your schedule has a room number beginning with an “M” (MG104, MA206, MC111) it is a class at Allen High School (Main campus).

    A shuttle will be provided to transport you from Lowery Freshman Center to AHS, except for 1st period.  The shuttles pick up and drop off at the LFC North entrance.

    First period students who ride a bus will get off at the high school and return for 2nd Period via a shuttle.  If you do not ride a bus, whoever takes you to school will need to take you to the high school.  You will be assigned to ride one of three return shuttles that will pick up at AHS and return to LFC. The shuttle you ride will be determined by where your class is located at the AHS campus.