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    Boon Science Fair
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    Do you love science?  Testing hypotheses? 
    Doing experiments?
    Enter this year's Boon Science fair!
     Dec. 3 2021  Complete Science Fair Entry Form by this date
    Dec. 7,  2021 Boon Science Fair Board Check In
    Dec. 8, 2021 Boon Science Fair Judging 
    Dec. 9. 2021 Boon Science Winners Announced
    Jan 31, , 2021 North Dallas Regional Elementary Science Fair Project Check- In Day 
    Feb 1, 2021 North Dallas Regional Elementary Science Fair, Garland 


     Important Resources: This year our science fair will be in person.  If you would prefer to complete a virtual experiment instead, your child may do so. Please know that if they were to advance to the Regional Fair, they may be required to create a traditional Board. Please review the Student Handbook, Project Display Rules, and Project Safety Rules that are linked below. If your child has created a digital science fair project by copying the template located in the handbook, click on the Science Fair Entry Form to enter your child no later than December 3rd 2021. If your child is competing in the science fair by creating a traditional science fair board, please also complete the science fair form as a preboard check in process by December 3rd as well in order to save time on the day of board drop off. Science Fair Boards will be dropped of on Tuesday, December 7th 2021. The competition will take place on December 8th, and the winners will be announced on December 9th 2021. 
    Science Fair Entry Form 2021 (completed by everyone by Dec 3rd 2021)
    Video on How to Make a Google Slide Viewable by All  (only if you choose to do a virtual project)
    Student Science Fair Handbook (everyone should view and use as a reference)
    Science Fair Project Display Rules 2021 (everyone should view and use as a reference)
     Project Safety Rules (everyone should view and use as a reference)
    Science Fair Idea Sites: