Location: AHS-B204 

    Testing Center Coordinator:

    Amy Jonke amy.jonke@allenisd.org

    Testing Center Hours

    Monday 8:50am to 4:15pm

    Tuesday & Thursday- 8:50am to 5:00pm

    Wednesday- 8:00am to 4:15pm

    Friday 8:00am- 4:15pm

    * Hours are subject to change *


    For a secured seat assignment, 24-hour advance registration is required.

    When scheduling your testing time, be sure you have enough time to complete your exam before another class period begins.

    We are unable to offer a note of excusal.  

    The Testing Center is designed to provide all students a quiet environment in which to re-take tests or take tests that were missed due to an absence. 

    The Testing Center is also available for students with various needs as served through the Support Services Department

    Students who are retaking an exam or taking an exam due to an absence must obtain a Testing Center Admittance Ticket from your teacher and register online to take a test.  Online test registration is accessible 24 hours a day and must be completed a minimum of 24 hours in advance of the desired reservation time. 

    Testing Center Procedures

    • Students may use The Testing Center only during privilege periods, before or after school.
    • Register ONLINE; making sure all information is entered correctly and in detail so we can prepare for your arrival.
    • Students taking a test during a privilege period, before or after school, will report to the Testing Center at the beginning of the appointment’s time. Students arriving after 10min of their reserved time may lose their reserved seat.
    • Students must present their current school ID in order to utilize the Testing Center.
    • Upon entering the Testing Center, students will place all belongings (including cell phones and smart watches) on the shelves provided in the Testing Center Lobby. Only an allowable device and allowable resources are permitted in the Testing Room.
    • Students should be prepared to test. The Testing Center is reserved for test taking only.
    • Partial tests will not be given. Students may not take a portion of a test and then return later to finish. Once a student begins the test, it must be finished. Your teacher may provide authorization for other accommodation.
    • Students are not allowed to leave an academic class to come to the Testing Center and take a test unless served through the Support Services department.
    • Parents are not allowed to call a student out of a class to take a test.
    • Please click on the link to make a reservation.