Sra. Matos

    Welcome to Sra. Matos' classroom website.

    Name: Sra. Marie Matos
    Subject: Spanish 2 and Spanish 2 Pre-AP
    Phone: (972) 236-0600 ext. 4842

    Welcome to our Spanish II  and Spanish II Pre-AP Class.  

    My name is Sra. Marie Matos and I am looking forward to an awesome school year.

    I recently move here to Allen and I am so excited to be teaching this year here at Lowery Freshman Center and share with my students about my travels in Europe while my husband was station in Germany and I look forward to a year of continues learning and language acquisition.

    Spanish II is a continuation of Spanish I with increased proficiency in the four basic language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. While Spanish II Pre-AP follows the curriculum of Spanish II with more rigor and in-depth activities to increase their language proficiency and cultural awareness.

    All classes will include cultural awareness and understanding of the rich diversity in our Hispanic Community. Class work includes oral drills, dictation, vocabulary, composition and reading assignments as well as dialogue, creative writing and multi-media presentations. 

    See you in class!!

    We will be using Canvas for our classroom online learning management system.  
    Use Google Chrome and type in canvas.allenisd.org for access.

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