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    Juanita Joseph BSN RN             
    Phone: 469-467-1400 
    Fax: 469-467-1410
    Email: juanita.joseph@allenisd.org  
    My name is Juanita Joseph and I am excited to be the school nurse at Chandler Elementary.
    While this is my first year at Chandler, I was a nurse at another Allen school for four years.
    My husband also works in education and we have two sons - one a 7th grader at Curtis and the other a 9th grader at LFC.
    I have worked in pediatrics, orthopedics and postpartum. Before entering nursing, I was a teacher.
    In my spare time I love spending time with family, rollerskating, traveling, playing board games
    and listening to music.
    My goal as the school nurse is to limit the amount of time a student is out of class, while still
    meeting their health needs.  The general clinic procedure is to assess their symptoms, treat
    them if necessary and then send them back to class. We are limited by law in the treatments
    we can provide here (ice, rest, bandages, water eye rinse, clean wounds with soap and water, 
    and salt water for sore throats). If your child needs any medication, it will need to be brought
    in by the parent and the Medication Authorization form completed. If they do not have a fever
    or other signs of a contagious medical condition, we will request they attempt to go back to class.
    I do not routinely call parents on a child's first clinic visit of the day unless symptoms are severe
    or a fever is present. Frequently, they start feeling better and do not return to the clinic for the
    remainder of the day.
    I try very hard to communicate with students, parents, and teachers in many ways including letters
    home, phone calls, and emails. If they have had a bump to the head, I will send home a  Head 
    Bump Notification so you will be aware. State required Vision and Hearing screenings will be done
    for out Kinder, 1st, 3rd and 5th graders starting soon after the start of the new school year. The
    easiest way to reach me during school hours is with email. If you choose to call feel free to leave
    a message on my voicemail and I will return your call as soon as I can. 
    Family Access enables you to stay informed of your student's academic assignments and grades
    as well health information.  If you need a copy of immunizaton records, you can access and print
    them directly from Family Access. Please visit Health Services page for Texas School Immunization
    Requirements and other health information. Feel free to take a moment to take a look around my
    webpage to familiarize your self with Health Policies, Health Forms and other information. Please
    refer back to my website frequently in order to find up-to-date health information,  print off clinic
    forms, and find links to health-related topics.
    I look forward to working with you to make this a great year for your student.
                 The mission of Registered Nurses in Allen ISD is to provide professional nursing care
                and to promote a safe and healthy environment that contributes to academic success.