Welcome to:

    Mrs. Bissmeyer’s

    5th Grade Website!


    Grade/Subject:  5th Grade Math and Science

    Room: 213

    Email: susan.bissmeyer@allenisd.org


    Welcome fabulous fifth graders!  I am so thrilled to be teaching you Math and Science this year.  You will find in my class that learning is fun, and hard work is worth it! Together through games and problem based learning we will fine tune our problem solving skills in Math.  We will explore the possibilities in Science through hands on labs, lessons, and enjoyable activities and games. 



    Some things about our classroom:


    My Principles as an Educator:

    • Students deserve a safe and respectful environment.
    • Students are central in my class & deserve engaging and high quality learning opportunities.
    • Students should be encouraged to exhibit:  curiosity, kindness/compassion, respect, integrity, work ethic, their very best,  and a desire to learn.
    • I have high expectations of my students & they rise to these!
    • Students have differing gifts and challenges and it is my job as an educator to meet these diverse needs.
    • Students best interests are served when I work in collaboration with parents.


    My greatest hope for each student:

    That they love being at school because they:

    • find the ‘process’ of learning enjoyable,
    • possess or develop curiosity and want to learn more and more each day,
    • find confidence and success as a result of their hard work!



    Math is used in so many ways in both our home lives and our work lives!  As students we often see these skills developed as “drills”.  My hope for you as students is that through the way I teach Math, you will use these skills in a way that is meaningful to you as a fifth grader.  Yes, you will have to practice.  As you see in your extracurricular activities, sports, music, dance, etc, practice is necessary to develop any skill.  We will have some practice and drills, but we will then apply our newly found skills in fun and engaging activities that have purpose for you!



    Science is the ultimate “use” of our Reading and Math skills.  It is our opportunity to “wonder”, to “ask”, to be “curious”.  We will study the world around us this year and wonder and question together.  We will look to answer our own questions and test our own hypotheses (guesses).  Science is naturally enjoyable because it is the way fifth graders love to learn, … hands on!