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    Welcome to another wonderful year at Norton!!  I can't wait to get started.    Once again, I will  be teaching math, but some new faces have been added to 6th grade.     Mrs. Unverzagt (ELA/World Cultures), Mrs. Lamb (Science/World Cultures), Mrs.  Johnson (Math/Science) and Mrs. Timmons (ELA), and I  have all been busy planning the upcoming year and we are  looking forward to meeting each of you.

    I attended Texas A&M University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering, but after volunteering in the school system for many years, I found my true calling in education.  This is my 22st  year at Norton, my 13th year in education and my 3rd  year in sixth grade.   I am blessed to have been part of the Norton family for so many years.  

    I  have 3 girls that all attended Norton from kinder to 6th grade and continued  on to graduate as Allen Eagles.   Leeann is now 27, Lauren 25, both are Arkansas Razorbacks.  Allison, 20,  is starting her junior year at Texas A & M, Gig 'em.  As a family, we love spending time together and traveling.  This past year, my family fostered dogs until they found their forever homes.  

    I am so excited to share 6th grade math with you all.  This year we will be learning so many new ideas in math and I can't wait for us to learn together.