Academic Monitoring FAQs

  • What is academic monitoring?

    One of the campus responses to support academic success. In this class, a student will be supported by teachers to set and make progress toward their academic goals.


    When will students be placed in an Academic Monitoring class?

    If at a progress report a student is failing 2 or more core classes, including LOTE OR if at the grading period they are failing 1 or more core classes, including LOTE.


    How does a student exit Academic Monitoring?

    If at the end of the next progress reporting period or grading period the student is passing ALL classes they may exit the program.


    Who will participate in academic monitoring?

    All Allen High School students.


    Where is academic monitoring located?

    A student will be assigned a designated Academic Monitoring classroom throughout the campus.


    What will Academic Monitoring be called on a schedule?

    Academic Monitoring is abbreviated AM.


    What will a student do in an Academic Monitoring class?

    The expectations for a student in AM are to

    1) attend

    2) be actively engaged in the work

    3) be prepared to work on current or missing assignments

    4) prepare for future assessments and assignments


    When will students take their Academic Monitoring class?

    When it is determined that a student needs to be scheduled into Academic Monitoring, it will take the place of a student's privilege period.