• Mrs. Fee

    Welcome to AIM                             


    Dear Parents and Guardians,



    Hello!  My name is Brenda Fee and I looking forward to my second fabulous year in AIM at Olson Elementary.  As a way of introduction, this is my sixteenth year of teaching. I am a graduate of the University of Illinois and have taught a wide variety of subjects and grades… Art, Kindergarten, Second Grade and Third Grade. My husband is retired now but he still substitutes at middle school.  My daughter lives in Longview, Texas and is expecting our first grandbaby in December (on my birthday). My son (who is a GT learner) graduated from the University of Oklahoma in three years with a degree in Advertising. He is now living in Chicago looking for a job (besides working at Starbucks)! I am an avid reader and love the outdoors. I am very active in Boy Scouts and during the summer my husband and I live in Estes Park, Colorado where we indulge our passion for hiking. We have two dogs, Beau and Greta and a cat, Flick. We also have a beta fish named Boomer. 

    As a GT learner myself, I have a lot of empathy and understanding for my students. Plus, I consider them a part of my tribe and we like to hang out together. I sponsor our school's Robotics Club, Video Club (new this year) and co-sponsor UIL Art.

    My goal is that we all learn something and have fun doing it!



    Monday- First and Second Grade

    Tuesday- Third Grade

    Wednesday- Fourth Grade

    Thursday- Fifth Grade

    Friday- Sixth Grade


    Please contact me if you need help or have questions. I send a regular parent newsletter every Friday filled with information on gifted kids and how they operate.