• Our goal is to encourage and honor high school students who have a passion and aptitude for the sciences, and promote the application of science to help better our community.

    This society is available to juniors, seniors, and sophomores. To be eligible, all members must be currently enrolled in a science class. Juniors must have been enrolled in one honors science class before or in eleventh grade. Seniors must have been enrolled in two honors classes before or in twelfth grade. For a sophomore to be eligible, they must be enrolled in one AP level science class in 10th grade. All members must maintain a 3.00/4.00 GPA across all their classes, and a 3.00/4.00 across each science course. All members must attend at  least four general chapter meetings annually. All members must also participate in at least one of the chapter’s projects and complete at least five hours of science related service per semester.

    Members are to contribute to the organization’s purpose of spreading/implementing scientific awareness and thought through active discussions and science related service.

    Join our Remind @shsahsint

    Meeting Location A215