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    Nickerson Nebulas classroom website
     Name:Ann Nickerson
     Grade/Subject: 3th grade
     Phone:972-236-0600 x-8341

       Hello! I am Ann Nickerson. This is my 20th year to be teaching after graduating from Texas A&M- Commerce. I have been at Chandler since the doors originally opened  previously  teaching at Kerr  Elementary. I am proud to say that I have taught third graders for sixteen years and three years of fourth. In the 2021-2022 school year, I am teaching third grade in a self contained classroom. Fortunately I will be planning and coordinating with all the amazingly talented third grade teachers.


       I dedicate my actions to have a positive impact on children each and every day by teaching them curriculum, classroom community, and self responsibility. I believe this will empower children to become life long learners. I challenge them daily to be the best that they can be making a positive difference in themselves and the lives of others.

       I believe children learn best in a caring environment with expectations and consequences in place. This is supported in my belief that family and schools work together as a team in the education of children. 

       My classroom will be a place for strengths to be reinforced and appreciated, weaknesses to be worked on diligently, and successes celebrated.


    I am looking forward to another wonderful year at Chandler Elementary.