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    Ms. Hong's class!


     Grade/Subject: 7th Math & 7th Math Pre-AP
     Email: jessica.hong@allenisd.org
     Phone: 972-747-3308
     Conference Time: 7th period: 1:53pm - 2:42pm
     Room: A103

    In an effort to prepare your student for 8th grade and beyond, we will strictly adhere to the district grading regulations regarding late or absent work.  As a reminder, please review the following:

    Redo Policy

                Daily – Students that earn a grade below a 70% on an assignment are eligible to correct the assignment for a maximum grade of a 70%. This excludes any late work. 

                Assessments – Students that earn a grade below a 70% on an assessment are eligible to correct the assessment (and for Pre-AP/IB students – complete an alternate assessment after corrections) for a maximum grade of a 70%. This must be done with the student’s teacher, since intervention – such a tutoring – is required. 


    ** It is the student’s responsibility to take the initiative to make use of these opportunities to improve their score. Please help them to see the importance of being responsible!


    Late Work Policy : Late work will be accepted no more than 3 days after the due date (** 2 days for Pre-AP/IB students). Assignments turned in 4 days or more after the due date may earn a grade of a 0%. For on-level courses, students can earn no more than a 70% for late work, and for Pre-AP/IB courses, students can earn no more than a 60% for late work.


    Make up Policy

                Daily : For every day a student is absent, they will be provided one class period to complete their work for full credit. 

    Assessments : If a student is absent the day of an assessment, they must attend one of the scheduled testing room times to take the assessment. This is completed by appointment only. The testing room times are located on the tutorial schedule. 

    Daily Schedule:
    1st Period 8:25 - 9:14  Pre-AP Math 7
    2nd Period 9:18 - 10:07  Math 7
    3rd Period 10:11 - 11:00 Pre-AP Math 7
        A Lunch     11:04 - 11:34  
    4th Period 11:38 - 12:27 Math 7
    5th Period 12:31 - 12:56 Homeroom
    6th Period 1:00 - 1:49 Pre-AP Math 7
    7th Period 1:53 = 2:42 Conference
    8th Period 2:46 - 3:35 Math 7
    Tutoring Schedule:
    Tutoring Schedule
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    To check grades, go to skyward.allenisd.org