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    My name is Eric McDaniels. This is my 10th year teaching math and my 4th year at Ford Middle School. I will be teaching Math 8 and Math 8 strategies this year.

    1st Period Math 8

    2nd Period Math 8

    3rd Period Math 8

    4th Period Math 8

    5th Period Strategies

    6th Period Focus

    7th Period Strategies

    8th Period CONFERENCE


    Tutoring for 8th grade math is available at the following times

    Monday Afternoon - Room C115 with Mr. McDaniels

    Tuesday Morning - Room C111 With Ms. Walker

    Wednesday Morning Room C115 with Mr. McDaniels

    Thursday Afternoon room C111 with Ms. Walker



    My contact information is below. If possible email is preferred as I will be much more able to reply to your inquiry faster.

    972-727-0590 ext 4181