• Welcome to Algebra II with Ms. LaBelle!

    During this course, students will:

    • learn skills needed for problem solving and creative reasoning and
    • learn to clearly communicate mathematical thinking and results
    • using the Algebra II concepts of functions, equations, and function relationships.

    The key to Algebra II is TIME and PRACTICE. Students who take the time to practice the coursework will be successful in this course.

    Notes, assignments, and other handouts will be made available in Canvas:  http://canvas.allenisd.org

    The Syllabus/Course Outline can be found via this link: Algebra II Course Outline (Ms. LaBelle)

    Supply List:

    • 1-inch binder + 5-tab dividers
    • box of Kleenex or other tissues (for August 27th project)
    • 3x5 inch index cards - for quizzes
    • Pencils, eraser, and highlighters or colored pens


    Graphing Calculator Links:


    See you on August 15th/16th!