• Brown Family


    Amy Brown

    English III


    Communication Applications

    Allen High School


    I was once told that the greatest gift you can give to others is knowledge, and I truly believe that. This will be my seventh year in the classroom and I cannot wait to be included in your journey of learning. I have a passion for education and technology, and always challenge myself to learn new things. I was born in Ancon, Panama, but was raised for the most part in Texas. I have a bachelor degree in English Composition from the University of North Texas and a bachelor’s degree in Communications from Dallas Baptist University. I am currently working on my masters in Innovation and Technology in Education from Capella University.

    I love English as a subject. Reading and writing can take you to a whole new world or show you a completely new perspective. I think we should constantly learn new things and apply them to our lives if possible; reading and writing allow that to happen. Just as important, communications plays a key to working for a student's success and future. How we communicate tells a lot about who we are. Communicating well is a skill we should all have.  

    I have a beautiful family which includes my twin boys, Jeremiah and Joshua, and my wonderful husband, Eric. 

    We love to travel and have been to some amazing places. One of my favorites is London, but my close second is Universal Studios in Orlando because I am an avid Harry Potter fan.

    I enjoy reading (usually Harry Potter), watching movies (usually Harry Potter), and painting. I run at least one marathon each year and try to compete in Crossfit challenges. I also volunteer with local community theatres by performing in and stage managing shows. My favorite so far has been playing Fairy Mae in The Curious Savage.

    I'm excited for this new school year and everything that we will accomplish together.