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    What is a school resource officer? A school resource officer, by federal definition, is a career law enforcement officer with sworn authority who is deployed by an employing police department or agency in a community-oriented policing assignment to work in collaboration with one or more schools. (National Association of School Resource Officers)

    The Allen Police Department in partnership with Allen ISD has 14 SROs assigned to the district. I am proud to be the SRO for the Lowery Freshman Center! It is my duty to employ the Triad Concept of 1. Law Enforcement Officer 2. Educator and 3. Informal Counselor to help provide a safe learning environment for all of our Eagles.  I will draw on my 10 years of law enforcement experience and 14 years of military experience to be a positive resource for the faculty, students, and parents of our community.


    1. Law Enforcement Officer - As as a police officer I protect life and preserve property. I can only protect what I can see, hear, or know. REPORT, REPORT, REPORT! Don't ever be afraid to report to me, administration, or counselors something that is unsafe or is a cause for concern. You're not a SNITCH! A snitch is someone that is more interested in getting someone in trouble. A reporting party is more concerned about doing the right thing.  Be a good REPORTING PARTY.

    You can do so anonymously via tip 411. Here's how: CLICK HERE 

                                                                                tip 411

     2. Educator - As an educator I inform the uninformed. Unfortunately ignorance of the law is not a defense in most cases. Through classes and informal discussion, I will gladly provide information regarding law enforcement topics, safety, and life experience. Some topics I've covered in classes include New Student Orientation, Bike Rodeos, Junior Police Academy Courses, and Distracted Driving to name a few.  I'm always open to new topics and enjoy coming to any teacher's class to speak with the students.

    Two programs you can always count on for great instruction from SROs are the annual Junior Police Academy and Explorer Post 1511 (criminal justice club) 

     3. Informal Counselor - As an informal counselor I build relationships and empower others. Conversations with students about struggles/success, facts/ideas, and past/future provide me the opportunity to be a mentor. This by far is the most rewarding aspect of my role as an SRO.

    Safety IS NOT my responsibility, it is OUR responsibity. Sharing ownership in providing a safe environment is very important. I am a firm believer that encouraging respect for one another, respect for policies and procedures, and vigilance will always yield the safest outcome. 

    Reminder: Digital responsibility is OUR responsibility as adults. Educate, encourage positive uses, and have restrictions/agreements in place. Find ways to program technology into our lives or else it will program our way of life! Stay safe friends!

    Apps to be aware of

    If you have something to report regarding Lowery Freshman Center, I can be reached via email at christian.centeno@allenisd.org or by phone at (972)727-0511 x400823.

    For additional resources for you or your student, you can also visit the Allen ISD Counseling Department HERE.