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    Welcome to your Art Studio!

    Deb Williams

    Please feel free to contact me at any time!

    At Ereckson, you will be learning and practicing the studio habits of real artists… developing craft, envisioning, expressing, engaging & persisting, observing, reflecting, stretching & exploring, and understanding art worlds …so you can confidently create with your own voice!

    To accomplish this, students will need a variety of supplies that will fluctuate based on personal interests as the semester goes on. For example, after stretching and exploring pint-making, some students may envision larger artworks in this medium, while others may be inspired by painting or fiber art. To allow you the greatest flexibility as an artist, we collect an art fee up front that allows me to order the materials that inspire you and meet your personal artistic goals while making sure you don’t need to carry outside items in your backpack.

    All ART STUDENTS must have a reliable charged school-issued Chromebook or computer with a back camera ready to use daily in class.*

    Art Students will regularly be adding to their Digital Portfolio and will need regular access to a reliable laptop during class and for homework. 

    Class artwork lessons and assignments are located within CANVAS for reference and for completing makeup work during absences. 

    To log into your Canvas account, your Google account, your school email, and all online resources for your classes:

     Use Google Chrome and open “The Portal” at:  https://portal.allenisd.org  Remember that art time must be made up after absence.


    TUTORING/EXTRA ART TIME: Students will sometimes need extra time in the art room to accomplish their goals or complete makeup work activities. Tutoring and Extra Time in the Art Room will be provided regularly before 7:30-8:10 and after school 3:30-4:30 by appointment. Arrangements for tutoring & art room time are best made by email or in person during class.

     TO DO:

    Pay the Art Supply Fee of $11 by August 26, 2022 using Ereckson’s online webstore. Pay online using this direct link Fall 2022 link will be activated soon . Be sure to include the student’s name and school ID number when you pay. An online receipt will be issued.



    We will enjoy the gift of using art to play, grow, and learn together by focusing on your personal goals  with an emphasis on mindfulness and being a culturally responsive classroom where all people are honored and challenged.

    If things aren't going well, please reach out to me. I am here for you. I can be flexible when I know you need it.

    Please contact me if something comes up and we need to make a plan. Clicking on "ask your teacher a question" or sending me an email is the quickest way to get that set.

    I want this class to be a great experience for you!


    ERECKSON POLICY: If your student makes any grade below a 70 on a test or assignment they are eligible to come in for tutoring followed by an opportunity to raise their grade up to a 70!  Please do not hesitate to encourage your students to make use of this opportunity!  In the past we have often tracked them down and forced this "chance" upon them but new regulations are now in place which put the responsibility squarely in the hands of the students. Please help them to see the importance of  being responsible!

    Redo Policy: "Students that earn a grade below a 70% on an assignment or assessment are eligible to re-do the assignment or assessment for a maximum grade of 70%. Intervention, such as tutoring, will be required prior to re-doing the assignment or assessment."

    Late Work Policy: "Late work will be accepted no more than 3 days after the due date. Assignments turned in 4 days or more after the due date may earn a grade of 0%. For On-Level courses, students can earn no more than a 70% for late work." 

    Make-Up policy: "For every day a student is absent, they will be provided on class period to complete their work for full credit."