• Helpful Information

    Absences: - Attendance is taken each class period, every day. If your student is absent, please contact the attendance clerk to report the absence (see phone numbers above). Please send a written parent or doctor note upon returning to school. Students have 3 days to return a note to their house office for the absence to be counted as excused.

    Picking your student up during the school day for an appointment: you may save time by sending them to school with a note regarding the appointment. The student can show the note to their teacher and be excused to sign out in the House Office and wait for you at the Reception Desk.  You must come in and show ID to check out your student. You do not have to walk them back into the building after the appointment. They can sign in at their House Office with the note from their appointment.

    Dropping off an item for your student during the school day: Please encourage your student to come to school with everything they need for the day. To minimize the disruption of instructional time, and due to not having student aides in our front office yet, we are not able to send passes for students to pick up items. This includes lunch money/lunches, homework, laptops, phones, athletic equipment and instruments. However, we understand that occasionally the need arises to drop off an item. You may drop off items in the reception office for retrieval by your student. After dropping off items at the reception, parents will need to communicate to their student and ask them to retrieve their item during passing period or lunch. We will not be able to accept student deliveries from florists, cookie/treat establishments or restaurant deliveries.

    Dress Code Reminder: As a reminder, shorts, skirts and dresses must be mid-thigh or longer.  Any athletic type shorts will be prohibited from being worn at school if they are not worn mid-thigh or longer.

    Leggings, stretch pants, yoga pants, or form fitted pants or jeans may only be worn under

    a tunic shirt, long shirt, skirt, dress or skort that covers the undergarment area at all times.

    Students may not wear boxers, pajamas or other sleepwear as outerwear.

    For more questions on dress code please see the AISD Student Handbook.

    Concerning ID Cards: As stated in the AISD Handbook, "In grades 9-12, ID cards must be worn and be visible at all times during the instructional day".   At Lowery, we do require students to obtain a new ID card if they have forgotten, lost or defaced their ID card. Students are given the opportunity to delay payment if they are not prepared to do so at the time a new card is printed.  Due to your help, our "IOU" system is working well.

    Visiting Campus: Lowery Freshman Center is a closed campus. All visitors must check in at the reception desk in the Main Office. If you have a scheduled appointment with your student’s teacher/counselor, please arrive with your ID so we may scan it into our Hall Pass security system, and give you a visitor pass.

    Late Bus Information: Late Buses are available every Monday - Thursday after school for students who stay for tutoring, testing, or club meetings. Students must have a signed and dated "Late Bus Pass" from the tutoring teacher, testing center monitor, or club sponsor each time they need to ride the late bus. There are 4 buses available at 5:15 and they will drop students at the elementary school nearest to their home:

    There are no late buses on early release days

    Bus 108

    West of 75 North of Exchange

    Bus 3

    West of 75 South of Exchange

    Bus 42

    East side of 75 South of McDermott

    Bus 38

    East side of 75 North of McDermott

    Thanks for your help in keeping our students safe!