Mrs. Hale's Philosophy
    I believe as an educational leader that I must provide a caring, safe, successful, value-centered environment that allows each student to reach his/her potential. I will empower teachers to experiment and explore different teaching and learning methodologies that correlate to the various learning styles. I believe in innovative programs that expand learning leader roles to include parents and community members. It is within this atmosphere that I believe learners will begin a journey that will prepare them academically, socially, and emotionally to become productive members in a complex society.

    Teachers and administrators worked collaboratively to establish the following standards for all Evans students. The Evans community believes that these standards will help every learner be successful.

    Rider Expectations:

    Care about others and be honest

    Obey directions from teachers and adults

    Respect all people and property

    Keep all body parts and objects to myself

    Yearn to be punctual and prepared daily