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    Vision Statement:              Olson Elementary-Making a Splash!


    Mission Statement:            The Olson community is committed to developing empowered learners who are exemplary in character and future-ready.


    Belief Statements:   

    • We believe everyone entering Olson Elementary knows they are in a safe, student focused environment and all involved take pride in our learning community.
    • We believe all students have high expectations and respect for themselves and others,and feel loved and accepted which results in a lifetime of success.
    • We believe everyone learns and achieves success through relevant, engaging and differentiated experiences.
    • We believe the development of a positive climate enables our students, parents and staff to feel confident, open to a variety of powerful experiences and reach their potential (lifetime goals).
    • We believe a collaborative, motivated and respectful staff is essential to our success.
    • We believe communication and active community involvement builds an essential partnership for a successful school.