• Allen STEAM Ambassadors

    Student Leadership Program



    Who are the STEAM Ambassadors?

    Allen STEAM Ambassadors are 10th-12th grade students developing the communication, collaborative, and leadership skills necessary for future success in STEM/STEAM academic and professional endeavors.

    Ambassadors serve as STEAM advocates on campus and throughout the community as they assist in the continued development of programs offered at or through the Allen ISD STEAM Center.


    How do STEAM Ambassadors develop the attributes mentioned above?

    • Attend invitation-only question & answer sessions with experts from a variety of STEM/STEAM fields either on campus or in the field.
    • Plan and host STEAM events at the STEAM campus and throughout Allen.
    • Lead specialized small group tours of the STEAM campus with businesses, academic institutions, and professional organizations.
    • Facilitate Kindergarten through 8th-grade activities during the school day as Allen elementary and middle schools visit the STEAM campus for field experiences throughout the year.
    • Serve as tutors/mentors by participating in the STEAM Ambassador Program (more information about the program available on the left of this page)
    • Shadow an expert or secure an internship through connections made as a STEAM Ambassador.
    • VIP tours of museums and STEAM-related businesses.
    • Develop business proposals for new partnerships and foster those already in place (Perot Museum, Vex Robotics, Boeing, etc.)
    • Assist in web design, videography, and development of other STEAM educational/promotional materials.

    Perot Museum

    STEAM Ambassadors at the Perot Museum finalizing partnership details and receiving a behind-the-scenes VIP tour

    Representative Van Taylor

    STEAM Ambassadors gave U.S. Rep. Van Taylor tour of the STEAM Center prior to the signing of a piece of legislation on site (front row, pictured with School Board President, Mrs. Amy Gnadt).

    Board Meeting

    STEAM Ambassadors attended the January 2021 School Board Meeting to present the school board with gifts

    created in the STEAM Center Maker Space.

    How do I apply?

    Please complete the application for the STEAM Student Leadership program here by Sunday, February 7, 2021 to be considered for the 2021-2022 school year. Students will receive an email regarding interviews to be held in early spring.  Interviews will consist of a collaborative activity as well as a Q&A session with teachers, administrators, school board members, as well as veteran Ambassadors.  Students selected for the Ambassadors' leadership committee will be offered the opportunity to enroll in the leadership course, which will be held at the STEAM Center. Ambassadors are selected based on demonstrated interest in science, technology, engineering, art, and math, as well as their attitude and willingness to collaborate and challenge themselves as they explore various aspects of STEAM.

     Please contact Mrs. Hollis by email if you have any questions!  Savannah.Hollis@AllenISD.org