• Eagles of Excellence

  • Eagles of Excellence will be established in 2020 to celebrate Allen High School alumni, employees, and community members who have demonstrated outstanding social contribution to the broader community by making a difference in the lives of others; and/or achieved extraordinary professional success, or achievement in their field or endeavor.

    Categories for Eagles of Excellence are:

    • Distinguished Retired Faculty: A nominee must have served at Allen High School for a minimum of five years. Eligible candidates must have evidence of an outstanding career within Allen High School. He/she must have had a direct and significant impact on AHS scholastics, athletics, or other student centered activities. 


    • Distinguished Alumnus/Alumna: Alumni of Allen High School become eligible for nomination ten (10) years after graduating from Allen ISD. Alumni are eligible for the distinguished alumni category based on either of the two criteria below.
      1. A graduate must have earned individual recognition at the regional or state level for their scholastic achievements, athletic accomplishments, UIL activities, or community service during high school.
      2. A graduate may have earned individual recognition after graduation by his/her postsecondary scholastic achievements, athletic accomplishments, career/professional accomplishments, military service, or community service; and had exemplary life reflecting the Allen Way and bringing honor to the person, as well as their family and/or community.

    * Students who were drafted or enlisted in the military before graduation are considered alumni.


    • Community/State/National Contributor: The nominee must be a local citizen, business or community leader who has demonstrated extraordinary contributions to Allen High School resulting in significant benefit or exceptional honor to our school.


    Eagles of Excellence Nomination Form