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    Allen ISD is committed to ensuring continued learning for our students during this extended period of school closures. Beginning Monday, March 23, all Allen ISD students will begin At-Home Learning.  It is important for parents to partner and be in communication with teachers to help monitor this work so learning continues during this time away from school.

    It is recommended that parents and students set up a workspace at home, if one does not already exist, to support a routine for at-home learning.  Consider what type of learning environment best suits the student’s individual needs. Consider the following:

    • Quiet environments vs. light background noise.  
    • Time of day for a daily routine.
    • Setting a consistent schedule for completing the learning activities.

    Look to this page for updated information concerning at-home learning.  Separate sections are provided below for elementary (PreK-6) and secondary (7-12) students.

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    Is there online or at-home instruction for Allen ISD students?  

    Yes - Allen ISD teachers and staff have developed lessons and activities to provide continuity of instruction while the campuses are closed.

    What does this mean for state assessments/testing?  

    Governor Abbott announced on March 16 that he waived the State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR) testing requirements for the 2019-2020 school year. There will be no STAAR tests administered by Allen ISD this school year.

    Will dual-credit courses continue online?  

    Classes at Collin College have started online. 

    When will the school year-end? Will the school year be extended into the summer?  

    TEA has issued guidance that school districts will be granted waivers for days missed as long as instructional support is being provided to students.  Allen ISD is providing instructional support online. The district will apply for the waiver and does not anticipate the school year extending into any days in the summer of 2020.

    My child needs a Verification of Enrollment (VOE) document. Where do I get one?  

    Contact Allen High School through this form: https://www.allenisd.org/ahssupport.