April 29, 2020

    Dear Parents,

    It’s time to begin thinking about planning for the 2020-2021 school year. As students transition from one grade level to the next, some parents naturally begin to worry about class assignments.

    The time and effort that go into determining class placement is based on finding a balance that meets the needs of all students and provides an optimal learning environment for all. Though it is a challenging task, great care is taken to ensure that learning environments are equitable. If, however, your child has special academic or emotional needs, and you feel that a specific learning environment (not a specific teacher request) is absolutely necessary, I ask that you submit the parent input form to me by e-mail, no later than Friday, May 15th. Input received after the deadline unfortunately may not be considered in the development of class lists.

    Our staff is highly competent and each and every teacher cares greatly for their students. Thank you, in advance, for trusting in the process of placing your child in the most appropriate classroom. I assure you, we will be diligent in our efforts to provide a successful and positive learning environment.

    Click here for the Parent Input Form.



    Cindy Blair, Principal