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    Mr. Silch

    Subject: TRACKS

    Grade: 7th

    Contact information: ryan.silch@allenisd.org

     Welcome to 7th grade Tracks! Tracks provides a holistic approach to the development of each student through an emphasis in academic support, social-emontional learning, life skills and citizenship. This course provides a mentor for eachstudent while cultivating student-centered wellness and character development through the core values: trust, respect, compassion and integrity.

    This is my 15th year in education and I am so EXCITED to be at Curtis Middle School teaching 7th Grade Tracks. My classroom is a challening, and fun place for students to strecth their minds. 

    In addition to being a teacher, I am also a dad to three awsome kids! My daughter, Reyna, is entering fourth grade at Watson Technology for Math & Science in Garland.  My second oldest Jacob recently graduated and is working in the automovtive industry as a service technician. My oldest daughter Ruby, works in the DFW area as a dental assistant. My wife amazing wife Marisol, is a dentist in the Bishop Arts District in Dallas and been practicing for over ten years. 

    Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. Email is definitely the best method of communication for me since I will be busy teaching your kids all day.

    I look forward to connecting with your student in my class and making their Tracks experience a memorable one.