• Green School
    Flossie Floyd Green Elementary
    1315 Comanche Drive
    Allen, Texas 75013
    Office Phone: (972) 727-0370
    Office Fax: (972) 727-0373

    Principal:  Stacia Butler
    Assistant Principal: Crystal Slaton
    Counselor:  Julie Lindberg
    Office Secretary:  Ann Deery
    Registrar:  Lisa Haney
    Security Specialist:  Lisa Meyer
    School Nurse:  Jawanna Warren

    Facts and Information

    Student Population - 591
    Grades - K-6
    Teachers - 43
    Classroom Aides - 9
    Support Staff - 7
    Mascot - Flossie the Fox
    School Colors - Green and White
    PTA President - Leah Taylor - Visit the PTA Web Page at www.greenpta.org
    Hours - 7:45am - 2:55pm

    School Creed
    Today is a new day!
    I will act in a safe and healthy way.
    I will respect the rights of others.
    I will treat all property with respect.
    I will take responsibility for my learning.
    Today I will be the best me I can be!


    Where EVERY Explorer Excels!


    Green Elementary will cultivate a community of learners by reaching the hearts and empowering the minds in order to ensure student achievement.


    • All students are capable of learning when met with a caring and safe environment. 
    • All students deserve a quality education in an engaging and accountable environment.  
    • Educators foster the success of every learner. 
    • Educators provide students with a positive, engaging, and challenging education to achieve students’ academic and personal success.
    • Children learn best when there is a strong home to school partnership.

    School Song
    We are the kids from Green Elementary,
    Green Elementary School!
    We search for knowledge, we search for truth,
    Exploring all things old and new.
    And we have a message for you!
    We are Explorers, might Explorers!
    Go Green!
Last Modified on September 21, 2020