• Hello Reed Owls Family! Welcome to Mr. Conn's 6th Grade Resource Room

    This is my first year with Reed. I am so thankful for the opportunity to encourage 6th graders in their academic and social life.

    My family relocated from Houston to McKinney three years ago to open a family home decor store on McKinney Square and in Watter's Creek.

    I took time off from teaching Social Studies, with 7th & 8th grade students at Alief Middle School in Houston, to help my wife establish her home décor store. 

    I am now ready to return to my passion of teaching with a new focus in special education.


    I am a grandfather to 10 grandchildren and parent to four. I have been married 36 years to my high school friend. 

    This life experience is what guides me to run my class like a family.  

    My students know they are welcomed and a part of a learning family by the way I greet them at the door, respect their opinions and guide them through the learning process.

    Welcome to your Owl's learning family!

    Mr. Scott Conn




    Scott Conn