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    What is VEX Robotics?

    VEX Robotics is a student club that meets afterschool and on weekends (as needed).


    Students learn the Engineering Design Process to develop a "solution" to a given "problem".


    Each year, VEX Robotics rolls out a challenge that involves overcoming various

    physical and time constraints in order to acheive a goal.


    Click HERE to see the 2020-2021 Challenge "Change Up".

    Current Challenge - Change Up


    How to join

    Participants in the club must first complete an application and interview process before a decision is made. 

    Limited spots are available.


    Each VEX Robotics team consists of 4 people (builder, coder/programmer, designer/jouranling, driver/skills). 

    When completing the application, these roles are prioritized as first choice, second choice, etc...


    If you make the club, it is expected that you will support your team in more than one capacity. 

    Each member of the team will know and understand the other teammate's role as all members should now how to

    code, drive, build, and make entries in an engineering notebook.  



    VEX Robotics is a COMPETION club!!

     In the 2020-2021 school year (next school year) we expect to participate in at least 3 competitive events. 

    Not all teams will make competition, but at least 3 teams of however many we end up with will compete.



    More Information

    Come back to this page as links will be provided with access to the applicaiton

    and interview sign-up as well as other improtant information.



    Links to February 9th meeting:

    VEX Robotics Application - Click HERE

    VEX Robotics Google Form - Click HERE 

    VEX Robotics Information Meeting Presentation - Click HERE 

    Information Meeting Video 2/9/21 - Click HERE

    Frequently Asked Questions Form - Click HERE to ask a question - check back for answers