• Ereckson Art Parties!




    Instead of a traditional art club, the Ereckson Art Studio will be hosting “After-School Art Parties” for students to come and create! This will be a place and time for students who want to create, collaborate, and celebrate art with fellow artists. Our art parties will foster a safe environment where art and artists are valued through practice in innovation, expression, respectful communication and stewardship of materials and supplies. We are excited to open this opportunity to all students at Ereckson!


    Art Parties will take place in Mrs. Williams art room starting in September. To avoid having a traffic jam, students will sign up for upcoming art parties before they take place. Each Art Party will be held after school from 3:30-4:30 so students who need to can take the late bus home.


    Students who are interested in joining the Art Party distribution list to learn about specific dates and times should sign up at


    Deborah Williams