• Standardized Testing Assistance Club


    The Goal
    The purpose of the STAC Club is to prepare our members to take standardized tests (SAT/ACT) to the best of their abilities. Typically, preparing for tests like these are stressing and, at times, expensive. However, we can offer free assistance along with a multitude of resources to practice with, making your testing experience far less stressful and ensuring that you are at your finest when getting ready to take the exam.

    How does it work?
    The primary aspect of the STAC is our tutor-tutee relationships - We assign a qualified student to tutor someone who needs help with a certain subject and have them work together. This allows for them to have scheduled meetings every week and to ask questions whenever they have it. In addition, we have meetings every other week where all the kids attend with the officers of the club to receive updates and future steps. These meetings may also include lectures on certain subjects and broader pieces of advice from the officers.
    Why should I join?
    Every student has to go through the test-taking process at some point in their high school career, and it is a critical aspect of your college admissions in 12th grade. Our club offers some of the best assistance for this kind of prep with our unique tutor-tutee relationships and our well-qualified officers. Even if you are confident in studying on your own, some extra practice could never hurt!



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    Sponsor: Ms. Frederick


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