• Dear 4th and 5th Grade Parents:

    In keeping with the 4th and 5th grade music curriculum, the students will be learning to play recorders in music class.  The recorder is an old instrument (15th through 18th centuries) of the flute family, but is held vertically and played by blowing through a mouthpiece.  They have a mild sound and are relatively easy to play.  By learning to play this instrument, your child’s music reading skills will be enhanced.  All students will need their own recorder for every music class. The cost is $7.50 and payment is made in SchoolPay only.  The deadline for ordering recorders is Sept. 15th. Recorders will be shipped to the school and passed out when we begin that curriculum.
    Please note:  Each fourth and fifth grade student will be required to bring the recorder and a pencil to every music class.  Consistent failure to meet this requirement will result in a drop of your child’s grade in music.  
    If you have questions, please feel free to email:
    Rhonda Selph
    Green Elementary Music Educator