•  Ms. Hiles
        Welcome to Ms. Hiles'  
         Teacher:  Lindsey Hiles
         Voicemail:  972-236-0600, ext. 6837
         Email:  lindsey.hiles@allenisd.org
         Twitter: @greenmusic1819

    Upcoming Events:  

    6th Grade Choir: Veteran's Day Performance- Nov. 8th (During School Hours)

    Music at Green Elementary School is a program designed to equip the students with the skills necessary for musical understanding and enjoyment. Through active participation in the music making process, the students learn to:

    • Read and notate music
    • Analyze and describe musical sound
    • Sing and perform a varied repertoire of music on classroom instruments
    • Create, improvise, and arrange music within specified guidelines
    • Examine music in relation to history, culture and the other arts
    • Listen to, respond to, and evaluate music and music performances
    Students attend music classes 45 minutes once a week. Music reading, singing, and instrumental playing are integrated to teach the elements of music. Small percussion, recorders (4th and 5th grades), and Orff melody instruments (xylophones and glockenspiels) are played in ensemble in a non-competitive atmosphere where one of the rewards is the pleasure of making good music with others. Performance opportunities are available to feature the musical talents of the students and showcase the learning that takes place in the music classroom.  
    Lindsey Hiles is the music specialist at Green Elementary.  She received her Bachelor of Music Education from The University of North Texas.  She attended a study abroad in 2015 where she observed and learned from Kodaly experts at the Kodaly Institue in Kecskemet, Hungary. She finished Kodaly Level 1 at SMU.