• Privilege Periods

  • At Allen High School, privileges are opportunities outside of the academic setting based on maintaining behavioral and academic expectations.

    Privilege Periods are available in all grade levels if academic requirements have been met.

    • Sophomores may earn up to 1 Privilege Period.
    • Juniors may earn up to 2 Privilege Periods.
    • Seniors may earn up to 3 Privilege Periods.

    During a privilege period, students have the flexibility to take care of academic business or enjoy time in a privilege location. Depending on grade level, different privilege locations are available to access with a trust card.


  • Privileges are earned with academic success and appropriate behavior

    Academic Success:
    - Give your best efforts the first time in class every day
    - Take advantage of your time to work on homework, attend tutorials in the Tutoring Center or with an individual teacher
    - Master the academic standards in your classes

     Appropriate Behavior:
    - Be on time to school and all classes
    - Be ready to learn
    - Be respectful
    - Be responsible

    Failure to meet behavior expectations will result in a loss of your privilege period and trust card.