Live, love, laugh, llama
  • Welcome to Ford Theatre and Communications!


  • Name: Rosalie Hull

    Subjects: Intro to Theatre, Advanced Theatre, Professional Communications


    Phone Number: 972-727-0590


    Come See An Evening of One Acts on May 12

    Cheaters ... featuring 7th period Theatre II ... 5:30

    Pass It On ... or the Note that Almost Distroyed the World ... featuring 8th period Theatre II ... 6:30

    15 Reasons Not to Do a Play ... featuring the After School cast ... 7:30

    Tickets $2 following  this link ... 



  • 10 interesting facts about me ... 

    1. This is my 25th year teaching.

    2. I have taught 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th grade.

    3. I have taught Theatre, Speech, Debate, and English / Language Arts over the last 25 years.

    4. I was a professional stage manager before I started teaching - I worked at the Dallas Theatre Center for several years.

    5. I have 2 kids, one of whom went through the Ford MS Theatre program (She is now in the Theatre program at the High School).

    6. I llove llamas and rainbows.

    7. I am originally from Knoxville, TN.  (GO VOLUNTEERS!)

    8. I love cheesy jokes - so be ready to tell me one!

    9. My hobbies include reading, watercolor painting, zentangles, and cooking.

    10. I am so excited about the first day of school!