• FamilyKen Kerri


    A little bit about me…

            Some things I would LOVE for you to know about me! This is my 18th year in education. 

            My family is my EVERYTHING. I’ve been blessed to know my husband since kindergarten! We have four children. Our oldest son, Jared, just works for the Dallas Sheriff's department and is planning to marry his high school sweetheart in March 2023. Our only daughter, Skyler, is an INCREDIBLE artist who is also out on her own for the first time and loving life! Jayden is going into 11th grade and enjoys wrestling, football and baseball, while our youngest, Ashton Jett, is entering the 7th grade at Curtis Middle School. He enjoys playing pretty much any sport!

           If I’m not watching my own kiddos play football,  baseball and wrestle, I’m watching my NY Giants and my NY Yankees! We are a house divided because my husband is a NY Jets fan, even naming our youngest Ashton Jett after the New York Jets.

            Packing up everything, and making the big move to Allen, Texas in 2001 (only 3 days before 9/11) from New Jersey, was the best decision we have ever made.

            Know that I do this job because I TRULY LOVE IT! Always know we are in this together, and I look forward to a TREMENDOUS year of love, laughter and learning!