• Welcome to Mr. Powers' U.S. History Class

    Content for this course includes America’s early beginnings, but the major focus is on significant persons, issues, and events related to the establishment of the Republic through the Civil War and Reconstruction

    Content for citizenship includes the history and origin of the United States Constitution; structures and function of the federal, state and local governments; the Bill of Rights; the rights, liberties, and obligations of citizens; participation and decision making in civil affairs; and the concept of a government of laws.

    Tutoring Times:

    Wednesday mornings (7:50-8:20)

    Class Schedule

    1st Period: 7th Grade Athletics (8:20-9:07)  

    2nd Period: Conference (9:11-10:04)  

    3rd Period: US History (10:08-10:55)  

    4th Period: US History Advanced (11:31-12:18)  

    5th Period: US History Advanced (11:49-12:36)

    6th Period: P.A.W.S Homeroom (1:13-1:48)  

    7th Period: US History Advanced (1:52-2:39)  

    8th Period: 8th Grade Athletics (2:43-3:30)  

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    U.S. History On-Level (3rd Period)

    U.S. History Advanced (4th, 5th and 7th Period)