EMS Hope Squad
  • "Our goal is to prevent suicide through public awareness and education, reduce stigma, and serve as a resource for those touched by suicide."


  • The 2022-2023 Theme

    PAUSING in a healthy way can help us handle the challenges life gives us with greater skill. It keeps us from living life on auto-pilot. It can give us room to be inspired with new ideas or to see new opportunities. BREATHING brings us into the present moment without regrets from the past or anxiety for the future. HOPE empowers us to move forward with belief of a better future.

  • Husky Hope Squad Advisors:

    Mrs. Amy Hickman & Ms. Hallie Winters


    Husky Hope Squad Faculty Members

    Mrs. Lori Allen, Mr. Heath Anderson, Mrs. Sally Cobb, Ms. Nikki Cooper, Mrs. Amy Lackey, Mrs. Vicki Neumann, Mrs. Peggy Shingler, Mr. Derrick Sledge, Ms. Cathy Tenner, Mrs. Sarah Twedt, and Ms. Hallie Winters