• A Guide To Your Child's Future

    KinderkidsA good map and a planned itinerary are useful tools for any long distance trip.


    The academic “road map” on this Website is designed to help as you look ahead to your child’s school career and begin planning the long distance trip that will lead him/her to high school graduation and a successful life.


    As your student moves forward through the school system, the decisions you and your child make in course selection will impact the options they have in middle school and high school.


    This guide to the Allen Schools provides an overview of Allen ISD’s requirements and curriculum, but does not provide many important details that you will need to actually make those decisions. It is important that you review materials sent home by the schools and attend presentations offered by counselors and administrators before making decisions.
    Most of this information is available in the school academic planning guides that are posted online at all secondary schools. If you have any questions about the information provided on this road map, please contact the Learner Services Department at 972-727-0482.