Tracy Savitch
     Mrs.  Savitch
     Name: Tracy Savitch
     Grade: Kindergarten
     Phone: 972-396-6918
    I have my B.S in Education from the University of North Texas and have a specialization in Early Childhood Development.

    I have taught Kindergarten at Norton Elementary for 22 years .

    I have two daughters named Hannah and Adyson and one son named Evan.
    My husband and I are proud residents of Allen, Texas.
    My hobbies include: shopping, reading, walking, spending time with my family, attending concerts, and vacationing .


    I believe education should provide children with positive and successful experiences so they will continue to learn throughout their lives. Children need high expectations placed on them from parents and teachers to keep them challenged. They also need many successful experiences to keep them motivated and to raise their self-esteem. Children need to be treated as individuals, need verbal encouragement, require behavioral guidance and incentives,and should be respected and understood.

    I believe a good curriculum should be responsive to individual differences and each child's developing abilities. The teacher should provide an environment full of interaction with other children, exploration of learning materials, and a good balance of teacher directed lessons and child discovery lessons. A good program should be designed to help children in their abilities to communicate through speaking, listening, reading, writing, and thinking.

    An effective teacher should be a positive role model for children and have a good attitude about learning. A teacher of young children should place high expectations on what the students are capable of learning. A great teacher needs to be dedicated, committed, caring, and responsible.