About Coach B


    Hello, and welcome to PE at Reed Elementary!

    I cannot believe summer is already here! My first year at Reed has been more than amazing and it is all thanks to the students, fellow staff members, and the Reed parents. My plans this summer are to enjoy as much time outside as I can including kayaking, fishing, golfing, going to some Ranger games, and traveling to Europe. I look forward to seeing everyone in August and hearing what they had done over the break. Remember to use sunscreen whenever you go outside and stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water. Have a great summer everyone!

    -Coach B

    Texas Tech University (BS)

    The University of Texas at Austin (M.Ed)


    1. Playing basketball and soccer
    2. Playing Golf
    3. Following all of the Denver sport's teams and my schools
    4. Exploring new activities that keep me moving 

    Favorite Sports to Watch
    1. Football (Broncos, Tech, UT)
    2. Soccer (Tottenham, USMNT, USWNT)
    3. Basketball (Nuggets, Tech, UT)
    4. Hockey (Avalanche)
    5. Golf 
    6. All other Sports