•    Ms. Manes, Banff, Canada

    Olson Otters, this is going to be the Best Year yet!!!

    Hello, my name is Ms. Manes and I am so thrilled to be your art teacher!  I have had the pleasure of teaching art in Allen for twenty-four years; and, have been at Olson since opening day.  Yes, I've had the pleasure of working with children from many of my former students! 

    Every day in the art room is an exciting opportunity for my students to learn about the relevance of art to their everyday world.  Through  Discipline-Based art lessons, students create projects, to the best of their ability, that is meaningful to them and the people in their lives.  I hope to inspire each student to develop and discover their creativity, be effective problem solvers and communicators, and be responsible and engaged citizens in our community.

    When I am not working with my students at school or preparing lessons, I spend as much time as possible outdoors, exploring different cultures and cuisine, cultivating a nurturing environment for all sorts of creatures, and creating artwork to beautify spaces for others to enjoy.

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    Welcome Anderson All Stars!!
    I look forward to being your art teacher for the upcoming year!
    I have worked with Mrs. Wilson for many years and know that she is a kind, caring, creative, and just an overall wonderful art teacher.  I know that you will miss her; and, I will do my best to carry on many of the wonderful projects each grade level got to experience with Mrs. Wilson.
    Students can look forward to working with art mediums such as  drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, photography, and of course working with clay for all grade levels. 
    All art projects are designed to meet one or more Art TEKS element for the grade level.  Objectives and materials vary from grade to grade and are not repeated.  
    Scoring for art projects is based on Effort, Quality of Work, and Creativity in Design.
      Noy Manes, Art K-6
    Email is best.  SOUKSANIT.manes@allenisd.org
      Voicemail:  972-562-1800 ext. 116324