• Network Account Password Reset 

    Your network username and password grant you access to many digital resources in the district. 

    What will my username be?
    You completed your online application and in it, you were asked for your preferred name. Your user name for the computer network as well as email will be that name: firstname lastname.  We do not use names with hyphens when creating accounts.  If this affects you, you may select the preferred name from one of them.  Occasionally, we have duplicate names.  If you are the second person with that name, we will ask for your middle initial or another preferred name for account creation.
    What will my network password be?
    Your initial network password is emailed to the personal email address you entered while applying for employment at Allen ISD.  This email is sent shortly after you complete the online application and HR approves your hiring.
    If you have not already done so, please change your network account password from the one sent in the introductory email.