• 2018-2019 Educational Grant Awards

    Counseling Grants

    Allen High School  -  Destination Wings (Kristy Dozier)

    Chandler Elementary  -  Chatting Cheetahs (Shayne Williams, Erica Ahedo)

    Chandler Elementary  -  Keep the Leaders Growing in Allen ISD (Tiffany Betterton/Chandler, Christi Stinchcomb/Reed, Wendy Williams/Boyd, Samantha Fields/Marion, Jillian Sims/Olson, Erin Chambers/Rountree, Theresa Taylor/Ford, Nikki Bradrick-Files/Curtis, Paul Harper/Ereckson)

    Lowery Freshman Center  -  Group Counseling for At-Risk Students (Jamie Sarten)

    Lowery Freshman Center  -  Growing Teachers for Diverse Learners (Trina Brown, Leslie Gardner)

    Rountree Elementary  -  Good Morning, Rountree (Shelley Privett)

    Story Elementary  -  Falcon Future Leaders (Stacey Thomas, Kimberly Richardson)


    ESL Grants

    Evans Elementary  -  Learn English with Imagine Learning (Keri Laney)

    Story Elementary  -  Future Falcons Storytime (Kimberly Richardson)


    English/Language Arts Grants

    Anderson Elementary  -  Picture Books Close the Gap (Jennifer Valliere)

    Anderson Elementary  -  Renewing Readers - Literacy Library Update (Lisa Hayden, Beth Miller)

    Anderson Elementary  -  Stepping Outside of Stories- Building Our Nonfiction Reading Skills (Maloree Tennison)

    Anderson Elementary  -  Supplements For Safari (Lisa Hayden, Beth Miller)

    Bolin Elementary  -  Bean Bags (Roya Azimi)

    Bolin Elementary  -  Blazers' Book Club Refresh (Emily Barrett)

    Bolin Elementary  -  Treasure of Books (Jill Jaska, Lisa Waldbauer)

    Bolin Elementary  -  Bolin Blazer Book Club (Christie Barrick)

    Boyd Elementary  -  Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader (Karen Boyle, Christina Corral, Gina Venghaus, Laura Duarte, Tammy Dykes, Jennifer Hill)

    Boyd Elementary  -  Building The Bridges of Biliteracy: Spanish Reading in a Dual Language Classroom (Laura Soto, Heather Chavez)

    Cheatham Elementary  -  Nonfiction Reading Fun (Jessica Fandrick, Julie Georgas)

    Curtis Middle School  -  Finding Your Hero's Journey: Starting in Curtis Middle School (Brenda Hawkins)

    District  -  ALLen Reads (Brenda Hawkins/Curtis)

    District  -  Hands-On Sentence Creation! (Kara Janasek, Lisa Wright)

    Evans Elementary  -  Eyes on Nonfiction (Marilyn Hamilton, Mary Anne Davis, Catherine Burk, Donna Swenson, Susan Blevins)

    Ford Middle School  -  Finding Your Hero's Journey: Starting in Ford Middle School (Morgan Lefevre)

    Green Elementary  -  Exploring News We Can Use (Christine Love, Tamara Huffman, Kathi Dishong, Madison Coleman)

    Lindsey Elementary  -  Round it Up with Literature (Jennifer Smith, Ashley Barnes)

    Lindsey Elementary  -  Lunch Bunch Book Clubs (Heather Janek)

    Lindsey Elementary  -  We Are Authors (Heather Janek)

    Lindsey Elementary  -  Moving While Learning (Jennifer Smith, Connie Beaney)

    Marion Elementary  -  We Can Explore With Nonfiction (Bethany McIntyre, Jennifer Wright, Chelsea McNair, Sydney Sheff, Amanda Cleveland

    Olson Elementary  -  Learning Through Non-fiction Books (Sam Shuttleworth, Brad Balgemann, Chris Dahl, Janet Persch)

    Olson Elementary  -  Putting It in the Hands of Students (Maloree Tennison)

    Olson Elementary  -  Exploring the World Through Nonfiction Texts (Courtney Tinch, Megan Thompson, Cathy Wilson)

    Preston Elementary  -  Books for Literature Circles and Book Clubs (Renee Nelson, Julie Latos)

    Preston Elementary  -  Roar Reading Cafe (Robynn Moore)

    Preston Elementary  -  News We Can Use! (Amy McCullough, Cayce McCullock)

    Preston Elementary  -  Creating a Community of Readers (Christyn Carriere, Lisa Jones, Erin Royster, Tami Vinson)

    Preston Elementary  -  Leveled Library Book Kits (Andrea Jackson, Jamye Hall, Karley Morton, Christy Bayless, Allison Chapman)

    Preston Elementary  -  Taking Reading to Another Level! (Amy McCullough)

    Reed Elementary  -  Sharing with the Allen Reads Program (Jessica Simpson, Shelley Privett/Rountree, Ashley Barr/Boyd)

    Rountree Elementary  -  Window to the World (Mary Higdon)

    Rountree Elementary  -  Rountree Reads (Mary Higdon)

    Story Elementary  -  Interactive Intervention (Christie Barrick, Kimberly Richardson)

    Story Elementary  -  Tools to Enhance our Writing (Christina Raecher, Christie Barrick)

    Story Elementary  -  Story Book Club (Kimberly Richardson)

    Story Elementary  -  Summer Reading Book Club (Christie Barrick, Kimberley Richardson)

    Vaughan Elementary  -  In the Know! (Melissa Dreher, Danielle Ganze)

    Vaughan Elementary  -  Fantasy Book Clubs (Melissa Dreher, Danielle Ganze)

    Vaughan Elementary  -  Viking Summer Reading Program (Aimee Hilton, Susan Beazley)


    Fine Arts Grants

    Allen High School  -  Scene Shop Safety (Carrie Howell, Renee Harris)

    Cheatham Elementary  -  3D Art Studio Stations (Lisa Bouma)

    Ford Middle School  -  Theatrical Tool Titans (Alison Kingwell, Mary March)

    Marion Elementary  -  Purposeful Pathways: The Road to Music Literacy (Shelly Diana)


    Foreign Language Grants

    Allen High School  -  Mit Allen tanzen und spielen (Beth Raeder, Shelby Cleveland)

    Boyd Elementary  -  Sister School (Laura Soto, Martina Thompson/Lowery)


    Gifted & Talented Grants

    Chandler Elementary  -  From Play-Doh to Plato (Pamela Moore)

    Cheatham Elementary  -  Teaching RESPECT with Scholastic News Magazines (Karri Decker)

    Cheatham Elementary  -  High Touch High Tech Science Field Trip (Karri Decker)


    Math Grants

    Bolin Elementary  -  Math Manipulatives (Kristi Whatley)

    Boyd Elementary  -  STEMindset:  Building the Foundation for STEM learning in First Grade (Heather Chavez, Ivone Cantoran)

    Boyd Elementary  -  Concrete to Abstract: Learning Math with Manipulatives (Denisse Rayas, Maridee Ryan, Crystal Dunlap, Chinar Fattah, Tammy Smith, Dora Hawkins)

    Chandler Elementary  -  Math GPS: A Road Map to Success (Teri Stepanic, Jenna McGrath)

    Cheatham Elementary  -  No Vertical Limits (Carin Engelbert)

    Curtis Middle School  -  Verify It! (Catherine Stolarski)

    Dillard Special Achievement Center  -  Hearing to Help (Lenay Roecker)

    Evans Elementary  -  Linking Literacy to Math (Katie Tsutsumi, Erica Butler)

    Kerr Elementary  -  Math is FUNctional! (Regena Bell)

    Lindsey Elementary  -  Math GPS - Giving Students Daily Direction in Mathematics (Holly May)

    Olson Elementary  -  STEMtastic! (Brad Balgemann)

    Olson Elementary  -  MakerSchool- Growing an Idea that Grows Students (Brenda Fee, Mavi Dean)

    Preston Elementary  -  Math GPS Readiness Kit (Valarie Cole)

    Reed Elementary  -  Numicon Number Shapes and Pegs (Donna Esfandiari)

    Reed Elementary  -  Hitting the Mark: Targeted Instruction in Math (Jennifer Dingler, Yareliss Ferrill)

    Reed Elementary  -  Enterprise City Field Trip (Sabrina Passanante, Shannon Hullum, Anita Tillson, Andrew Hasbrouck)

    Rountree Elementary  -  Games for Engagement (Kathryn Sasso)

    Story Elementary  -  What's in your Math Toolbox? (Meghan Gable)

    Story Elementary  -  On the Right Track! (Patricia Jarboe)

    Story Elementary  -  Math and Reading: Let's Get Integrated (Kristi Whatley)


    Physical Education Grants

    Bolin Elementary  -  Marathon Mania! (Stacy Palmertree)

    Bolin Elementary  -  Mats Matter (Stacy Palmertree)

    Green Elementary  -  Wave Your Hands in the Air for Nine Square in the Air (Rebecca Stamey, Karen Fetner/Evans, Lisa Yost/Kerr, Karen Gravley/Kerr, Billy Tanksley/Boon)

    Lindsey Elementary  -  Outdoor Fun (Connie Beaney, Eva Elmaalouf)

    Rountree Elementary  -  Rountree Running Club (Nikki Duncan)

    Rountree Elementary  -  Building Teams in PE (Gena Flemmer)


    Science Grants

    Allen High School  -  Project Stoichiometry (Melissa Davis)

    Allen High School  -  Ballistics in Forensic Science (Tara Allgood, Darren Hayes)

    Allen High School  -  Making Molecular Processes Visible (Lee Ferguson)

    Allen High School  -  High Resolution WiFi Cameras to View, Capture, and Edit Microscopic Images (Benjamin Wilkinson)

    Allen High School  -  The Powers of Spectrometry! (Sandra Lee)

    Allen High School  -  Rollercoasters Make Physics Fun (Sara Holloway, Ann Crowe, Sadaf Mistry, Rodney Hainline, Connie Taylor, Benjamin Wilkinson, Vicki Palone)

    Anderson Elementary  -  Anderson's Mobile Cookery (Becky Purdue)

    Anderson Elementary  -  We DO Science In Guided Reading (Patricia Bachellor)

    Bolin Elementary  -  Science on the Move (Iris Seria)

    Bolin Elementary  -  STEAM Hour (Breanna Daniels, Sonja Louis)

    Bolin Elementary  -  STEAM Friday Engineering Connections (Emily Barrett)

    Cheatham Elemenary  -  Makerspace: Cultivating Innovation (Amy Gamble)

    Curtis Middle School  -  Coasting To Success! (Rob Burke)

    District  -  Makers in the Middle (Melissa Kelly, Brenda Hawkins/Curtis, Laura Mason/Ereckson, Morgan Lefevre/Ford)

    Ereckson Middle School  -  3D Printers for STEM (Graham Gadd, Wes Byers)

    Ereckson Middle School - Building Future Creators and Innovators (Laura Mason, Wes Byers, Laurie Merrick)

    Ford Middle School  -  Newtonian LOVE! (Mary Claire March)

    Green Elementary  -  Lead With Science (Pamela Churchill)

    Kerr Elementary  -  Hands On and FULL SPEED AHEAD! (Mary Interrante)

    Marion Elementary  -  Makey Makey 2.0 (Deborah Sellars)

    Marion Elementary  -  STEAM Buddies (Brooke Cherry, Alisa Allen)

    Norton Elementary  -  Sieve (Tricia Dobson)

    Olson Elementary  -  Force and Energy It's a Snap! (Deborah Bellando)

    Olson Elementary  -  Bringing World Class Experts into the Classroom (Brenda Fee, Terry Rains/Anderson, Julie McGary/Bolin, Beth Wininger/Boon, Cinda Smith/Boyd, Diane Moore/Chandler, Karri Decker/Cheatham, Jackie Zander/Evans, Carrie Sledge/Green)

    Preston Elementary  -  ScienceSaurus Student Handbooks (Valarie Cole)


    Social Studies Grants

    Allen High School  -  IB/AP Psychology Field Trip to Terrell State Hospital (Karen Hunnicutt)

    Marion Elementary  -  Cultivating a Community of Culturally Diverse Minds (Samantha Fields, Kristin Elliott, Jennifer Kalinec, Liz Todd)

    Preston Elementary  -  Breakout EDU- Taking Student Engagement to the Next Level (Renee Nelson, Julie Latos)

    Rountree Elementary  -  Active Allen Citizens! (Mary Fields, Christyn Guy, Katie Sasso)


    Special Education Grants

    Allen High School  -  Unified Robotics (Lynn Klodzinski)

    Allen High School  -  Eagle Creations (Jessica Jones)

    Allen High School  -  Working Toward Independence (Kelly Brown)

    Chandler Elementary  -  I Can Hear It Now! (Shayne Williams, Erica Ahedo)

    Chandler Elementary  -  Wiggle and Learn (Erica Ahedo)

    Lowery Freshman Center  -  Generalizing Skills: From Classroom to the Workplace (Stormy Scott)

    Olson Elementary  -  I Can See Clearly Now... (Patricia Reyna)

    Preston Elementary  -  Sensory for Success (Tawana Rhodes, Paula Stockwell)

    Reed Elementary  -  Wobble Chairs in the DEAR Classroom (Antoinette Tillinghast)

    Vaughan Elementary  -  Special Education LLI Kit (Sarah Yonts, Jana Gibson)