• This webpage contains information about course selection and scheduling. Students should explore the Academic Planning Guide to learn more about:

    • Course descriptions
    • Advanced academics offerings
    • Course selections
    • Arena scheduling

    As you work to create your schedule and plan for your high school experience, here are some important terms you should know.

    COURSE SELECTION: Students identify the courses they need and want in Skyward. This occurs at the end of the fall semester.

    ARENA SCHEDULING: Students schedule their courses in Skyward. This occurs in the middle of the spring semester.

    ACADEMIC PLANNING GUIDE (APG): This is a planning guide with information about

    • General academic information
    • Course listings, including codes and descriptions
    • Advanced academics information
    • Graduation planning and House Bill 5
    • Endorsements
    • Resources


    Please reference the Course Selection and Arena Scheduling Resources to guide you. Specific questions can be directed to your current campus house counselor.



Important Dates

  • 11/29: Course Selection Opens (8 a.m.)

    12/10: Course Selction Closes (4 p.m.)

    12/6: Counselors in Computer Lab for help 

    1/4: Dual Credit Registration Opens @ 8:00 am

    1/7: AHS Course Application Deadline 

    1/12: Dual Credit Meeting at LFC Auditorium @ 6:30 pm

    1/18: IB Interest Meeting

    2/4: Dual Credit PRIORITY Registration Deadline

    2/28: Dual Credit Registration Deadline