Stephanie Byrd
  • Hello Norton Knights!

    My name is Stephanie Byrd and I am a 2nd grade teacher here at Norton Elementary. I received my degree from Texas A&M University- Commerce in Interdisciplinary Studies. This will be my 5th year of teaching and my 1st year with Norton Elementary. A little bit about myself is that my dad was a military fighter pilot, so I am well-traveled because of the nature of his job. I have lived in many states across the country, such as California, Oregon, Washington, Oklahoma, Maryland, Rhode Island and Texas. It was a great experience growing up and getting to explore so many different places. I do have to say Texas is the hottest place I have lived! Sometimes I miss the snow on the East Coast and I like to visit from time to time.

    I am married to my wonderful husband, Evan Byrd, who works in technology as well as in the Army Reserves. We have two golden retrievers named Bailey and Daisy. We love going on adventures with them when the weather is nice outside for some exploring. My husband and I love to travel to new places and try new activities. The activities we have tried include snorkeling around the coral reefs of Honolulu, skiing in Park City or roaming around Disney World for a day or two of fun. During our down time, we love trying new coffee shops and watching Hulu and Netflix at home. I cannot wait to get to know all my students this year and watch them learn and grow.

    We are going to have a magical year together!