Counseling & Guidance Department Beliefs and Mission

    Allen ISD Counseling Belief Statements

     We Believe: 

    1. That ALL students are capable of becoming life-long learners, effective problem-solvers, effective communicators, and responsible and engaged citizens.
    2. In the importance of healthy and supportive relationships with students, staff, and parents.
    3. In advocating for students and striving to empower them to break down barriers that impede student growth and success. 
    4. In supporting the unique developmental needs of each student so her/his full potential in social/emotional, academic, and college/career readiness can be achieved.
    5. In supporting students through a data-driven design, implementation, and evaluation of our comprehensive counseling program to make informed decisions and ensure program integrity.  
    6. In teaching and modeling respect and acceptance of one another, to help our students embrace diversity, individuality, and resilience.

    Allen ISD Counseling Program Mission Statement

    The mission of the Allen ISD School Counseling Program is to provide a comprehensive, developmentally appropriate program that addresses the academic, career, and social/emotional development of all students. AISD counselors are advocates who, in partnership with other stakeholders, provide support to maximize academic achievement and student potential.


    Allen ISD Counseling Program Definition

    The Allen ISD counseling program serves ALL students through a systematic, sequential, clearly defined, and accountable program. School counselors meet the needs of students based on data, alignment with district goals, and a unified belief in the mission and vision of the Allen Independent School District.  The program is delivered by masters degreed school counselors in collaboration with faculty, staff, families, and the community.  It is aligned with the Texas Model for Comprehensive School Counseling Programs which integrates Academic, Social Emotional, and Career Development so that students will be able to demonstrate competencies in interpersonal and intrapersonal effectiveness, post-secondary planning and career readiness, and personal health and safety. 


    AISD Elementary Counselors
    Allen ISD Elementary Counselors  
    Seated: Jan Bower, Jamie Bramlett, Patricia Chavez, Mary Jane Barnes, Dawn Horton
    Back Row: Dr. Jason Sharp, Cathie Vaughan, Melissa Dreher, Ashley Barbeau, Christy Wright, Stacey Thomas, Calli Smith, Katie Rasmussen, Nicole Oliver, Julie Lindberg, Peyton Deleon, Alana Balch 
    Middle School Counselors
    Allen ISD Middle School Counselors
    Seated: Heather Youngquist, Trebreh Benjamin, Paige Centeno
    Standing: Debra Day, Emily Danner, Roxanne LeCroy, Loren Clanton, Jennifer Wedge
    LFC Counselors
    Lowery Freshman Center Counselors
    Aricka Marshall, Karen Foster, Dustin Tamplen, Blanca Barnwell, Cora Jackson
       HS counselors                                                            
    Allen High School Counselors
    Front Row: Donna Marshall, Cynthia Greenwood, Dinita Willmann, Dedrick Linwood, LaShey Sisemore, Amber Purtell, Laura Zavala
    Back Row: Andra Jordan, Carah Marquez, Jami Manley, Carrie Howell, Brenda Boysselle, Kristen Barger, Kaylie Dipprey
     AISD Support Counselors
    Allen ISD Support Counselors
    Jennifer Atencio, AHS Support Counselor
    Derrick Sledge, Middle School Support Counselor
    Heather Braun, Lowery Freshman Center
    Regina Shaw, Dillard Special Achievement Center
    Director and Coordinators of Counselors
    Penny Wiseman, Coordinator of Counseling 7-12
    Cheryl Loving, Director of Counseling
    Who Are AISD Professional School Counselors?
    Professionals with…

    * Masters Degree in School Counseling

    * Texas Teaching Certificate
    * Minimum 3 Years Teaching Experience