• Library Media Center Policies and Procedures
    The Bolin Library Media Center is open during regular school hours. There is scheduled check out for students in kindergarten through fourth grade each week or every other week. Fifth and sixth grade students come individually or in small groups. Our flexible schedule allows teachers and students to use the library at their time of need.
    Books are checked out for two weeks.
    Kindergarten students may check out one book.
    First through fourth grades may check out two books.
    Fifth and sixth grades may check out three books.
    Allen ISD Elementary Fine Policy
    There are no late fines for grades K-6. However, students are expected to return library books on time and will not be allowed to check out any books until all overdue books are returned.
    Allen ISD Elementary Lost and Damaged Books Policy 

    If a student loses or damages a library book, the student is responsible for paying for that book. We are happy to work with families who may be unable to pay for replacement books. If a lost book that was paid for is found, please return the book to the library and a refund will be issued if the book is in good condition. Refunds will be issued during the same school year during which the book was lost. However, we will be unable to refund lost book monies after the last day of the school year in during the book was lost.

    Electronic Reader Policy