• 'Otters' Explore with National Geographic Explorer Pioneer Magazine

    The National Geographic Explorer magazines' nonfiction content is authentic, engaging, and supports national reading and science standards. Explorer magazines develop readers' nonfiction reading skills through engaging, informational text, and will bring meaningful conversation and activities into our classrooms.

    Olson - Allie Thompson

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  • ALLen Reads

    ALLen Reads encourages the entire community read the same book or set of books.  The grant provides copies of the selected books to all campus in Allen ISD, and the students have access to community events related to the books.

    Curtis - Kay Hawkins

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  • Blazers' Book Club

    The Blazers' Book Club will be a group of students who meet together to discuss engaging, student-selected text. Each student will be provided with their own copy of the book that is being read so that they are able to read at home. By discussing these texts with their peers, students will be more engaged in reading and they will be exposed to new ideas and ways of thinking.

    Bolin - Emily Barrett

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  • Camp Write About It!

    Camp Write About It provides an exciting camp-like environment for students to become fully immersed in the writing process.  Campers move from "campground to campground" participating in writing activities that are designed to strengthen them as life-long writers.

    Green - Kara Knisley

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  • Encouraging Readers and Writers

    Provide resources to supplement during reading mini lessons as topics are taught like, authors purpose, why we read, ways to read, making connections, and asking questions.  During writers workshop this grant would target, parts of a book, pictures tell a story, why writers write, and conventions. These resources benefit the growth and development of our kindergarten students as readers and writers.

    Preston - Jamye Hall

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  • Extreme Makeover - Recharging Readers Phase 2

    Extreme Makeover - Recharging Readers Phase 2 will provide new books for our guided reading library. Teachers will  be able to choose books that are on current topics and of high-interest to readers. Students will be more engaged in reading thus improving their reading comprehension, fluency and advance their reading level.

    Anderson - Lisa Hayden

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  • Fidget to Focus

    Fidget to Focus grant will provide fidget tools for students to support the research based correlation between working with our hands and increased memory and creativity along with stamina in reading as well as math.

    Olson - Tiffany Dudley

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  • Listening Center

    Listening centers are a staple in most Kindergarten classrooms because they provide a way for students to read books that they might not otherwise be able to read yet. Listening to audio books while following along in corresponding written books increases reading comprehension and helps students with letter-sound correspondence.

    Vaughan - Nikki Robertson

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  • Literature Circles with 1st and 2nd Graders - Take 2

    In Literature Circles with 1st and 2nd Graders - Take 2 we will promote a love of literature through shared reading, discussion and critical thinking about the literature we read.

    Story - Teri Coroneos

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  • Live from Rountree Elementary

    Live from Rountree Elementary would allow our student Media Team to improve the quality of their daily production by getting advice and ideas from the Allen High School K-Eagle media team.  We would tour the studio, get advice from the high school students, and view the production of one of the K-Eagle programs.

    Rountree - Mary Higdon

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  • Makerspace United!

    Makerspace United! is a STEAM focused opportunity for all students to question, design, create, build, and debrief using a variety of hands-on resources. The library and AIM programs will work in tandem to provide the greatest problem solving environment for students to experiment and excel in a variety of fields in order to prepare them with the skills they need in the competitive world that lies before them.

    Preston - Jenny Armentrout

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  • Reading As A Writer

    Reading affects writing and writing affects reading. Research has found that when children read extensively they become better writers. Reading a variety of quality genres help children learn structures and language that transfer to their own writing.

    Rountree - Tami Fee

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  • Reading in a Digital World

    As digital media plays an ever larger role in children's lives, we want to develop creative approaches to learning and literacy that capitalize on the importance of reading.  How does a simple book compete with the technology world?  Placing engaging books in the hands of children to develop an interest in reading is critical. Placing targeted, high-interest books with focus in the hands of children is brilliant.

    Story - Trish Jarboe

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  • Rountree Reads

    Rountree Reads will allow us to invite authors and storytellers to visit our campus and inspire our readers and writers.  Our students will benefit from having stories and books "brought to life" by professionals and will be able to connect their own reading and writing work to these experiences.

    Rountree - Mary Higdon

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  • Scholastic News Magazines-4th Grade

    Scholastic News Magazine is a great resource that I could implement with my students and expand their knowledge with non-fiction text. With current events and access to online resources, I would be able to target all of my students with the variety of activity levels to help them succeed.

    Anderson - Justine Lambert

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  • Spread The News

    This project will expose our learners to high-interest non-fiction. They will be exposed to charts, graphs, current events, science, and social studies topics. The color features, debate topics, and digital component make the magazines very appealing.

    Boyd - Maridee Ryan 

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  • Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader

    Using Scholastic News, students will be connecting real-life events to classroom learning. Current events will inspire them to become lifelong learners.

    Boyd - Laura Duarte

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  • Word Families Big Books

    We have a need to build a Big Book library of word family readers to have shared reading experiences. Word families can help students "crack the code" of learning to read by teaching students to look for predictable patterns in words. Having big books creates an opportunity for a whole group reading lesson where students use listening/speaking and phonological awareness skills.

    Olson - Sam Shuttleworth

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  • Write On!

    Write On is a grant that brings an author to school to share his love of writing as he demonstrates how he uses the writing process in creating books.  Through him, students learn ways to improve their expository writing skills.

    Lindsey - Heather Janek

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