• Adapt Me!

    Adapted books for our special needs students will allow opportunity for every student to interact with literature on their own learning level. Adapted books employ cognitive skills such as matching, comprehension, fine motor and attention building skills.

    Anderson, Evans, Olson, Curtis MS & AHS - Patricia Reyna

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  • Catching the Learning Wave: Individualizing learning to target skills more efficiently

    MobyMax finds and fixes learning gaps with the power of personalized learning. MobyMax's adaptive curriculum creates an individualized education plan for each student ensuring that students get the extra instruction they need.

    Allen High School - Lynn Klodzinski

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  • Concrete to Abstract: Learning with Manipulatives

    Manipulatives will address the need for SPED learners to use hand on activities in order to make meaningful connections and increase retention of information. Manipulatives aid directly in the cognitive process and engage students increasing interest and enjoyment.

    Chandler - Shayne Williams

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  • Eagle Creations

    Eagle Creations is a program that allows students in Specialized Programs at Allen High School to develop a wide variety of vocational skills through creating and selling products to the Allen ISD community

    Allen High School - Phyllis Adams

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  • Early Childhood Special Education Assessment Tools for Success!

    VB-MAPP testing kits are critical to accurately measure our students' abilities and areas of growth, and set goals to ensure their progress. Having the same materials to use across all classrooms will help us to maintain consistency and accuracy when assessing each and every student.

    Cheatham and Rountree - Holly Sanchez, Karen Ruehlen, Mariana Esparza, Karen Roan

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  • Everyday Speech

    Everyday Speech is a social-emotional learning platform that uses evidence based video modeling curriculums to develop the fundamental social skills strategies that students need to maximize their potential.

    Olson - Mary Hignite, Amanda Holcom

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  • Feel the Sound

    Touchphonics will allow students to make substantial growth in reading skills including but not limited to: phonemic awareness, decoding, and blending.

    Vaughan - Kathleen O'Connor

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  • Flocabulary

    Flocabulary is a supplemental learning program for grades K-12 that provides video-based learning activities to support academic vocabulary development in the content areas of Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Math, Current Events, Vocabulary, and Life Skills.

    Green - Diane Drogosch, Linda Clift, Lisa Kungle, Olivia Adkins

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  • Full Interaction

    Interactive smartboards give every student in Allen ISD, no matter their physical or mental impairments, the opportunity to participate in their learning.

    Allen High School - Jessica Jones, Sarah Rambo

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  • Independence through Community Based Instruction

    This grant allows students with disabilities the opportunity to learn the skills they need to function independently in a meaningful way. The students also gain confidence through their public social experiences.

    Curtis - Crystal Wright

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  • Learning Math with Touch

    TouchMath will allow students to make substantial growth in their mathematical skills and concept knowledge. Through the use of a variety of instructional methods students are given the opportunity to use concrete objects to experience math then apply what they have learned

    Green - Lisa Kungle

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  • Ready, Set, Cook!

    The Ready, Set, Cook! Project would allow students to learn valuable skills such as cooking, meal preparation, clean-up, and overcoming sensory difficulties with certain types of food.

    Chandler - Blake Pi

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  • Skills to Pay the Bills

    Skills to Pay the Bills provides needed employability skills to students that have shown a need for specialized instruction in that area. Student will learn hands-on social skills training for success.

    Admin - Denise Maxwell

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  • Unified Robotics

    Allen High School students, supported by peer coaches, explore and learn about the world of robotics in the Unified Robotics Club. Teams build a robot using the First Lego League kit, develop their strategy, and compete in a Sumo-Bot competition with other teams

    STEAM Center - Lynn Klodzinski

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  • Working Toward Independence

    Through the "Working Toward Independence" project, Special Education students at AHS develop a variety of skills leading to more independence both in the home and community. They plan meals, grocery shop, and cook as well as eat out at restaurants.

    Allen High School - Kelly Brown

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