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District Recognizes 2020 Retirees

Allen ISD is proud to recognize and honor our district retirees for the 2019-2020 School Year. We will be highlighting a group of retirees on our social media accounts beginning Monday, May 18, 2020, and running through Thursday, May 21.  


Stacy Adams

Stacy Adams, Allen High School

Regena Bell

Regena Bell, Kerr Elementary

Jinger Bibee

Jinger Bibbee, Boyd Elementary

Paige Bratton

Paige Bratton, Marion Elementary

Cindy Browning

Cindy Browning, Kerr Elementary

Michael Bryson

Michael Bryson, Lowery Freshman

Susan Callahan

Susan Callahan, Lowery Freshman

Diane Carr

Diana Carr, Marion Elementary

Ann Carroll

Ann Carroll, Curtis Middle School

 Tim Carroll

Tim Carroll, Chief Information Officer

Linda Carter

Linda Carter, Transportation

Sherie Demarest

Sheri Demarest, Kerr Elementary

Steve Evans

Steven Evans, Curtis Middle School

Debbie Fourcand

Deborah Fourcand, Ereckson Middle 


Patricia Gear

Patricia Gear, Rountree Elementary


Amy Giovanetti, Kerr Elementary

Susan Guest

Susan Guest, Boon Elementary

Lisa Johnson

Lisa Johnson, Boon Elementary

Pamela Kolodziej

Pamela Kolodziej, Ereckson Middle School

Sandhy Kulkarni

Sandhy Kulkarni, Allen High School

Cappi Leonard

Cappi Leonard, Preston Elementary

Kim McCree

Kim McCree, Ereckson Middle School

Catherine McNulty

Catherine McNulty, Cheatham Elementary

Cheryl Mena

Cheryl Mena, Evans Elementary

Anna Mize

Anna Mize, Story Elementary

Sandra Moffett

Sandra Moffett, Vaughan Elementary

Connie Oberle

Connie Oberle, Evans Elementary


Lidieth Oreamuno, LEP/Bilingual

Raul Ortega

Raul Ortega, Raul Ortega

Linda Osborne

Linda Osburn, Allen High School

Maridee Ryan

Maridee Ryan, Boyd Elementary

Betsy Shanks

Betsy Shanks, Boyd Elementary

Cynthia Trantham

Cynthia Trantham, Green Elementary

Ricky Turner

Ricky Turner, Athletics

Photo Not Available

Linda Turquette, Dillard Center

Donna Wehrmeister

Donna Wehrmeister, Allen High School.